Coaching Philosophy

Handwriting on blackboard: thinking, feelingCoaching is the process of helping someone to find their own highest potential through personal development. I believe that we each have the answers or the solutions we are searching for within us. Therefore any desired change or goal in life first begins within.

Our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours have developed over many years, sometimes dating back to our childhood. For this reason change usually does not happen over night. However, coaching is not therapy, and so I do not spend much time on the past but instead focus on the present and the future. Past traumas are best worked through with a qualified therapist or counsellor.

Everything in life is systemic. This means that everything in life is made up of multiple parts all interacting and affecting one another. This is also true of challenges and issues we face in life: they all have multiple contributing factors. We can also find this in our mental processes and structures of thought. Recognising the systemic nature of things can help us see beyond the limited perspective of cause and effect, allowing a more holistic view of any situation. This perspective helps us to see beyond symptoms, making it possible to recognise the fundamental causes of the results we don’t want as well as the success we strive for.

Peter Teuscher am Konferenztisch mit LaptopThese principles are some of the core beliefs upon which my approach to coaching and personal development is based.