Coaching Proposition

Peter Teuscher vor einer Tafel. Change: thinking, feeling, emotionsCoaching can help a person through almost any process or challenge in life assuming the person being coached is willing.

Executive/Business coaching

Those that I coach on a business level are mainly CEOs and top level management. My focus in this type of work is on change management, developing a positive organisational culture as well as creating a vision and philosophy for strong leadership. I work with groups and individuals in North America and across Europe and although I prefer meetings in person, telephone and Skype meetings are a practical solution to bridge the gap in time and distance.

Personal Coaching

Coaching can be a useful support to anyone who is looking for change in any area of life and wants to realise more of their potential. Over the years I have worked with people from all walks of life from young professionals to the volunteer work that I do for people with challenging life situations. The only thing that is required is someone who is willing to commit to the process of change.