Practicing positive thinking


It is surprising to me sometimes that many people still do not appreciate the effect that our thoughts have on our behaviours and our success in life.  I explain to people again and again that most of our thinking is habitual.  We continue to have the same thoughts over and over and thus react to situations the same way again and again.  If this is bringing you success then great, there is no need to change.  However, if you continue you to do the same things and expect different results you have probably heard that this is the definition of insanity. It is not that difficult to change. It just takes some awareness and practising new thoughts.

The process works this way: recognise a thought or thoughts on a particular subject that are limiting and negative. Sometimes these are in the form of mental complaining or blaming other people or situations. Once you define the thoughts you want to change create a statement that reassures you or tells you the opposite. Keep these statements general and affirm a positive outcome.  When I get frustrated or worried I remind myself that everything always works out for me. This does not mean that I don’t take action and just wait for things to happen.  It means that, even if I am not happy with something that is happening right now, I know that my intuition and experience will help me make the right decision and I will learn something new from the situation. It is a recognition that focussing attention on your problems and mentally repeating what is wrong will not help you find solutions.

The power of positive thinking has nothing to do with sticking your head in the sand and pretending everything is ok when it is not.  It is about recognising the thoughts that are negative and unhelpful and practising a new way of thinking. Keep your attention on where you want to get to or your commitment to change.  Reassure yourself the way a coach or a friend might treasure you. Instead of constant mental complaining and judging things as bad, this is the opportunity to begin thinking more positively.  With every negative thinking habit that you change, your life will change for the better. Doing so with help you see the opportunities rather than the problems. It will also make you feel better: happier and more grateful.