Getting Clear

Another year in the Gregorian calendar is coming to a close and I find this a great time to review the year gone by and get really clear on where I want to get to in the year ahead.  Taking stock of where you are is a really important step in getting clarity on whether you still want the things you wanted a year ago and how close or how far you are from your goals. Whether you were happy with the results of the past year or not you will likely have learned something about how your preferences have evolved. Sometimes you need to recognise what you don’t want to get clear on what you do want. so don’t get down on your so-called mistakes.

I had an amazing year in 2016 which made me see 2017 somewhat critically at first. At first glance the contrast from one year to the next made me feel like I had taken a step backwards.  However, when I looked for experiences to be grateful for in the past year I am reminded that how I feel depends a great deal on where my focus is directed. I certainly had some highlights but for various reasons, I did not stay committed to someone essential goal that I had set for myself a year ago. When you have a good life it is easy to get stuck in your comfort zone and I certainly did that.  I put off an important decision for change in my life making excuses about timing and outside conditions. When I reflect honestly I let fear stand in my way and this created some frustration and discontent, which overshadowed all the good things that I experienced.

Now as I embark on my journey into 2018 I am clearer and more determined. I have made clear commitments on timings and I have a vision for how I want my life to be in twelve months time. If you have experienced frustration or disappointment in 2017 use it to get clear on what you want to change. If you have multiple things you want to change prioritise and pursue these changes one at a time.  This is the process of getting clear.  Use the contrast in your life to get clear on what you want.  Identify the circumstances or behaviours that you want to change and create a vision for your future. Then let each step you take into the new year be a step closer to realising the new and improved vision of your life. Taking the time to find clarity will help you identify a direction for your life and help you gain a sense of purpose. A life lived on purpose is a happier life.